Cardiff brothel owner jailed on her return to UK


Thanks to a collaborative operation a former brothel boss has been arrested after being ‘on-the-run’ for seven years.

Diana Jones, who ran a string of brothels in Cardiff and Swindon, had been living in northern Cyprus before flying back into the UK on 19 May and was arrested by officers from TARIAN* and Essex Police.

The fugitive, who when she went on the run seven years ago, owed £2.6million due to a confiscation order imposed at the time. However, she was arrested on her return to the UK when she arrived at Stanstead airport. Back in 2009 she was ordered to pay back £2.6 million of her estimated £4m earnings and given a 12 month suspended sentence.

However, on her return and following medical checks she was taken to Peterborough Prison where she will commence a four-year default sentence for failing to pay her confiscation order for the amount outstanding, which due to the interest accruing currently stands in excess of £ 3.7m.

The Wales Regional Asset Confiscation team together with the Asset Confiscation Enforcement team, who are part of the TARIAN Regional Organised Crime Unit, have maintained a constant vigilance in this case and took action as soon as the opportunity arose to take positive enforcement.  

TARIAN Detective Chief Inspector Huw Davies said:

“It is testament to the determination of these teams and the co-operation and assistance of the other agencies involved in this operation, particularly the NCA, Borders Agency and Essex Police, that has led to this successful conclusion. It also confirms the message to criminals that it doesn`t matter how far you go or how long you think you have got away with it, we will not give up and at some point you will be held to account.

“She is being detained in Peterborough prison, which is a stark contrast to the luxury lifestyle she led in northern Cyprus over the last seven years.”