ACE team tops two million pounds


The TARIAN Asset Confiscation Enforcement Team (ACE) passes £2m milestone within two years of operation.  

While the maxim that crime doesn’t pay holds true for criminals – it seems to be paying for those who crack down on crime, especially when the ACE Team of investigators are on the case.

Inside less than two years of operating the ACE Team has now successfully confiscated more than £2 million which highlights the commitment to ensuring that the criminal fraternity has no-where to hide when it comes to ill-gotten gains.

The ACE team forms part of the Regional Asset Recovery Team (RART) – and sits within the TARIAN arena of policing. It was set up in late 2014 with the initial objective to deal with the backlog of unenforced confiscation orders as highlighted by the Public Accounts Committee findings earlier that year.

The team adopted a multi-agency approach and has a growing responsibility for taking control of the compliance/enforcement process from its earliest stages. This collaborative effort, which includes, the Crown Prosecution Service, Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Services, Trading Standards, Local Authority and Natural Resources Wales, provides the perfect response to enable law enforcement agencies to hit criminals where it hurts.

Detective Chief Inspector Huw Davies said: “The Asset Confiscation Enforcement Team (ACE) ensure criminals to do not benefit from their ill-gotten gains and have to pay back money they have accrued as a result of their criminality and those who do not pay within the allocated time, face the risk of further custodial sentences, which can be evidenced by the individuals who have served a total  of 22 years for failing to pay their orders.

“Often this will mean the sale of large houses and expensive cars.  It sends a clear message to our communities that there is no benefit from a life of crime.

“A proportion of the £2 million recovered can now be reinvested into projects of benefit to communities, and hopefully there will be realisation that ultimately crime does not pay.”

 Anyone with information relating to Organised Crime is asked to contact Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111